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Benefits of Sensual Bath Salts

Many bath salt suppliers will make wild health claims touting their products to be an elixir that will cure everything that ails you... One website will claim it is the salt that is to thank for this "phenomenal healing effect" while another will cite the "mystic powers of essential oils" as the ingredient to cure all!

We don't believe in this type of marketing.  That said, we do believe our bath salts have a positive effect on the user.  There are real benefits of using our bath salt products.  

Let's take a look at some of them.


Immediate Benefits

  • Softens the Water.  If you have never tried bath salts before it will surprise you how silky smooth the water feels against your skin.
  • Sweetens the Air.  Instead of being surrounded by typical bathroom odors, scented salts will fill the room with a pleasant aroma at a high humidity.  This is sometimes referred to as the "aromatherapy" part of your bathing experience because studies show that various scents can have a positive effect on people.
  • Creates Added Buoyancy.  This added buoyancy force gives you an uplifting feeling inside the bathtub compared to standard water.  You feel much lighter inside a salt bath than an non-salt water bath.  Easier floating aids in relaxation.
  • Gives Soap More Lather.  This is another benefit that you will notice right off.  Your soaps will lather up higher and with less product than ever before.  Deep and luxurious soap lather can form with ease.

Other Benefits

  • Fights Soap Scum Buildup on Tub.  Using bath salts with your bath will aid in cleanup after the soak.  By creating an alkaline condition it is more difficult for soap to leave a ring of scum on the bathtub or the bather.
  • Eliminates Stress.  I know this sounds like a "wild claim" but who could be stressed out while soaking their cares away in a sensual bath?  It is easier to forget your surroundings and relax when the scents and feelings are conducive to relaxation.
  • Moisturizes the Skin.  Your skin will be softer and more supple after using hydrotherapy bath salts.  Using a bath salt that has added moisturizers will help replenish the lost moisture and aid in healthy skin -- at the same time not over moisturizing.
  • Gives Muscles a Well Deserved Break.  Tired and aching muscles need relaxing too.  Now is your chance to pamper your feet or help relieve that tension headache.  Your entire body will relax in this hydrotherapy adventure!

All things considered, taking a sensual salt hydrotherapy bath is something that you do for yourself.  What could be better than that?


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Lavender Meadows Mountain Berry
Peach Nectar
Polynesian Passion
Spring Rose

Summer Rain
Tropical Escape
Umber Melon
Vanilla Peaks
Watermelon Patches




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