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Specializing in Hydrotherapy Scented Bath Salts Made With Mineral Rich Salt from Utah's Great Salt Lake.
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Why Purchase Bath Salts From Us?

Purchase Bath Salts Now!  

Sensual Salts Customers Know:

1) Our Bath Salts Are Superior
2) Our Selection is Large
3) We Ship Fast & Affordable
4) Satisfaction Guaranteed

There has never been a better time to purchase some bath salts from our unique and exquisite collection to pamper yourself or use as a plush gift.

12 Ounce, 24 Ounce, and Sample

1) Our Bath Salts Are Superior

Bath Salts by Sensual Salts are unique by nature and are designed to help reduce the overall stress associated with everyday living . . .

We do not use candle making or soap making essential oils that can go rancid or spoil with age or exposure to sun.  Instead, we use hydrotherapy specific scents that are water based and designed to disperse in water without leaving an unfavorable buildup on spa equipment or your skin.

Our hydrotherapy blends are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than these candle making oils and will not saturate your skin with volatile extracts or heavy oils. We have numerous customers that aren't able to use "big brand" bath salts due to their allergies but praise our products.  Click here to see what they say!

Visit our bath salts product page now for a listing of our products.

2) Our Selection is LARGE

We are proud to offer many different sensual selections of fragrances to make your bathing time more enjoyable.

Currently our product line includes over 15 varieties of bath salts. Everything from Apple Orchards to Watermelon Patches.  We have floral and sweet scents galore!  Visit our products page for a complete listing!

Our scents are easily recognizable -- not convoluted mixtures of chemicals and oils that nobody is sure of what the scent is.  Many customers mix their own bath salts scents after purchasing a couple individual aromas.  For instance, they will put 1 scoop of Vanilla with 1 Scoop of Apple to get Apples & Cream.

We have Seasonal Promotions that are kept current to give you added choices at a discounted price. We sell gift baskets and offer gift certificates and gift wrapping to help you with gift giving for any occasion.

3) We Ship Fast and Affordable

Promptness in getting an order out of our office and into your home is something we take VERY serious.  Our promise to you is that your order will leave our shop within 24 hours of receiving it.  Our Shipping charge starts at only $5.60 with a maximum of $12.35 for any sized order.

Our standard method of shipping is via USPS Priority Mail so you can expect average shipping time to be only a couple of days within the continental US.

Quality of service that matches the quality of products is our way of doing business.  Anything less is unacceptable.

True, this type of commitment to customers is hard to find these days and even harder yet to believe when someone promises it.  To quote a famous movie star: "Seeing is believing. . . "  We can't wait to show you!

See our Shipping Policy Page for more details.

4) Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want to separate ourselves from any bad experience you may have had with an online purchase in the past.  That is why we are willing to offer a complete 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.  We are in business to provide you with a quality product -- NOT to make money off of an unsatisfied customer.

We have the World's Best Customers and make it a top priority to offer our products with a service that is down to earth and based on an individual relationship with each customer.  It is very popular these days to fall into the corporate mode of looking down on customers from a high cliff viewpoint -- automated customer email responses and virtual zone customer assistance.  This will never happen here since we are a family run business that values the individuality of each customer!!!

Go ahead and explore this web site.  Try our product line and enjoy your experience.  Then comment to us and make some suggestions on how we can improve or expand our product line or web site to better suit YOUR needs.  Most of all -- spend some time relaxing and reducing daily stress.  Remember you are the reason we are in business.



Home |  Bath Salts | Gift Baskets |  Seasonal Salts |  About Us |  Contact Us |  FAQ's

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